Dina Fawakhiri      dina fawakhiri swirls

I am Dina Fawakhiri; artist, children’s books illustrator and calligrapher. 

You will find that my art, whatever form it takes, centres around love, curves, and the beauty of the female body and the female experience. My children's book illustrations are also a labour of love. Through them, I bring to life the beauty of Arabic culture, showing children a warm and loving world, seen through the eyes of an artist who loves her language and insists on connecting with her child-self. 

Dina Fawakhiri Floating Girl     Dina Fawakhiri

With calligraphy, I explore the intricate elegance of Arabic typography. It is alive within me, revealing itself with every stroke. I may not know where it will take me, but I delight in its journey of infinite possibilities.