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Dove Love// Salmon Blue 33x46 cm

Dove Love// Salmon Blue 33x46 cm

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Birds captivate me; they're nature's original artists. Their stunning color combinations are perfect for enhancing any space. Doves and pigeons hold a special place in my heart. Often overlooked, they possess captivating colors and patterns. I've depicted them using various techniques - pencil, acrylic, and now, silkscreen.

This particular artwork draws inspiration from the Blue Eyed Dove, transformed with a unique twist of salmon and navy blue hues.


Silkscreen printing, also referred to as screen printing, is a technique for transferring designs onto surfaces like paper or fabric. It entails using a mesh screen, with selectively open or blocked areas, to manually layer different inks by hand, resulting in the desired design.


Salmon Blue// Silkscreen Print// Limited Edition of 10 

33x46 cm// Delivered packed in a box and protective paper

Each print signed and numbered by hand



Allow around 10 days for shipping.

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