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Check out some of my latest work


A visual representation of a consummated brain – when random but overwhelming thoughts have to leak out. Read More


What started as an innocent, straightforward watercolor drawing of a rare and endangered Western Tragopan male pheasant ended with the urge to destroy the fragility of the piece. Read More

Way to My Heart

This series of 3 portrays the different ways to someone’s heart; sight, touch and instinct, eye, hand, and chest. Read More

Broken Wings

Baladak was about the freedom to express our city through our eyes, calling on graffiti and wall artists from around Jordan to participate. Read More

Bursting Heart

The Pomegranate, part of a collection that played with the “heart of fruit” pun, is made to look like the anatomy of a heart, with the valves showing only on closer introspection. Read More

Digital Birds Collection

Birds are the original fashionistas of the universe. Colorful, vibrant, and full of attitude – they are the perfect subject to draw. Read More

Ying Yang Self Portrait

Photographer Bashar Alaeddin wanted to document an artist painting their own self portrait on his studio wall. Read More

Soft Gaze

Sometimes, it is the simplest forms that create a fuller story. Read More


Love – where it starts and ends. Read More

X Marks the Spot

It is said that the phrase “X marks the spot” was put into common usage by executioners. Read More

Knotted Swan

This pieces takes the often ignored figure of the black swan, the cliche of the outcast, and renders its long majestic neck knotted. Read More


This piece strips its subject down to the basics, the basics of hunger and drive. Using a single pencil to finish this piece, most of the work went into the fluid heading of the details. Read More

Hearts Don’t Break Even

Based on Snow White’s famed poisoned apple scene, this composition shows how no two hearts break the same way. Read More

Rusty-Margined Guan

I fell in love with this birds simple but contrasting color scheme of black, white and red. Read More

Red-Crowned Crane

A graceful bird, known as a symbol of luck, longevity and fidelity. It’s long neck and simple colors allow for an interesting composition with the white background. Read More