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Amman Design Week Student Mentorship

October 6, 2017 | By | No Comments

As part of Amman Design Week Dina Fawakhiri was assigned as a mentor to four University and School Students. Students Lubna Al Mousa and Shaker Nsour presented 3 unique pendants reflecting the Jordanian Bedouin’s physical movements while making bread/ laban and coffee. Jewelry designers Leen Faris and Carmela Pipicelli from Design Institute Amman helped both in guidance and the actual execution of the piece.

Sama Zoubi recreated a replica of Jordan’s national flower the Black Iris out of black waste bags. “Her project represents the severity of the societal and environmental littering in Jordan”. Her exhibit consisted of both the flower, and 2 photos taken by Photographer Hazem Jweinat.

Lena Hussein created a Play Therapy puppet that can help children express how they feel internally as well as externally. This helps child therapists in identifying and treating anxiety in children in an easier way.  Costume Designer Hanadi Khorma created the puppet, and Sirsa Qursha (Child Development and Parenting Specialist) sat with them at the start of the project to help guide them in the right direction

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