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Amman Design Week 2017 Participation

October 5, 2017 | By | No Comments

Our lives today are shaped by an ever-increasing consumerist culture, continuously subjected to marketing tools in the form of billboards and other outdoor advertisements in many shapes and sizes. They are all over the city trying to sell us a product, a service, and even a cause. Since marketing has shifted online, the ‘likes’, ‘hearts’ and range of emojis have become the new currency to show the success of a campaign. “Full Heart” is a still billboard that shows how we now use social media to market and PR ourselves – by showing the world what our ‘heart’ supports and how we would like to appear to others. Only when the viewer decides to move does it reveal the truth behind what really fills our hearts and how empty of a currency these effortless support clicks really are. Have we become desensitized to everything around us? Have we lost our compassion to the point that only the commercial appeals to our senses?

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